Walker’s just announced the release of a new color series for the popular Razor electronic earmuffs. The Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muffs now come in Battle Brown.

Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muffs

The new color scheme joins a diverse line of hearing protection. Models come with Bluetooth compatibility, rechargeable batteries, dual and quad speakers, headband options, multiple color schemes and more. The slim design provide comfort on the range or in the field.

Dependable hearing protection remains a must-have for every shooter’s range bag. Where legal, more hunters are even turning to electronic hearing protection afield. Lightweight, durable and available in many different styles, Walker’s Game Ear carries a type of hearing protection to suit most any outdoor, shooting or hunting pursuit. Better still, they come in extremely affordable packages as well. For even more info, please visit walkersgameear.com.

Battle Brown Razor Slim Elect Patriot

23 dB NRRFull dynamic range HD speakersLow noise/frequency tunedAudio input jack0.02-second sound-activated compression reaction timeIncludes 2 US flag patchesModel #GWP-RSEMPAT-BB

Battle Brown Razor XTRM

21 dB NRRCool mesh headband with comfort gel ear padsSound-dampening composite housingSound-activated compression with a 0.02-second sound reaction timeHi-gain omnidirectional microphonesModel #GWP-XRSEM-BB

Battle Brown Razor Slim Elect

23 dB NRRHi-gain omnidirectional microphonesFull dynamic range HD speakersSound-dampening composite housingLow noise/frequency tunedSound-activated compression with a 0.02-second sound reaction timeModel #GWP-RSEM-BB

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