Trijicon Mro Green Dot Reflex Sight – 1x25mm Mro 2.0 Moa Green Dot, Low Mount



We've all heard of red-dot optics, but how about a green-dot optic? Now, with the new Trijicon MRO Green Dot Reflex Sight, there's a new sighting system on the market, and Trijicon says this sighting system will help you aim better in certain environments. Thanks to exhaustive research and testing performed by the company, they've determined that the Trijicon MRO Green Dot Reflex Sight and its bright-green reticle is actually easier to pick up in forests, grasslands and tropical environments, since it provides greater contrast than a red-dot optic. This is because human eyes are more sensitive to green colors than red colors, making this a better sighting system for Mfg: Trijicon

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