Magpul El Original Tejas Gun Belts 1.5 – El Original Tejas Gun Belt 1.5in 38in Black



Constructed with the same ingenuity and reliability found in Magpul hardware, their revamped Magpul?Tejas?Gun Belt "El Original" can handle the most demanding use and remain great-looking while doing it. It provides gun belt rigidity with dress belt comfort and offers a stretch and sag-free performance. Updated for 2020, the "El Original" is crafted from 100% North American bull hide. It's sturdy, strong, and and backed by a supporting layer of flexible polymer, making it a rugged piece of gear that provides dress belt comfort. It measures 1-1/2" wide and 1/4" thick, so it will fit most belt loops and holsters comfortably. The "El Mfg: Magpul

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