Holosun He503r-Gd Gold Dot Sight – He503r-Gd Gold Dot Sight 65 Moa Circle Or 2 Moa Dot



You've heard of red dots, green dots and maybe even blue dots on 1X optics for rifles, handguns and shotguns. But what about a gold-dot sight? Holosun is changing the game with its HE503R-GD Gold Dot Sight, which is designed to provide easier targeting in all environments. Each Holosun HE503R-GD Gold Dot Sight is constructed with the company's all-new LED technology, which provides incredibly long battery life on a mid-range setting. Each optic comes equipped with rheostat dial controls that allow users to manually adjust brightness to fit ambient lighting conditions, and the optic ships with a low-rise and a 1/3 co-witness mount. Powered by CR2032 battery Batte Mfg: Holosun

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