Your range bag should be set up to provide everything you may need while at the shooting range.

Whether you are training for self defense or a competition you can use this checklist to build an essential range bag setup that you will be proud of.

To have a safe and successful trip to the shooting range you will need to have all the essential gear. Your range bag might be packed a bit differently depending on if you are going to an indoor or outdoor shooting range.

This is a checklist of the essential items you will need to get started packing your range bag.
Some items in the checklist are considered a necessity and some can be considered as just nice to have, it will depend on your overall goals.

Range Bag Selection

The first thing you will need is a good quality range bag. There are many types and sizes of bags with a lot of compartments to hold your gear. Be practical in selecting your range bag knowing how many guns and how much ammo you are comfortable carrying.

Top features to Look For in a Shooting Range Bag

  • Removable pistol pouch
  • Can hold at least two firearms
  • Can attach pouches and accessories to the bag
  • Multiple internal pockets for keeping smaller items organized
  • Large center compartment for larger items

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Top Items to Pack in Your Range Bag

Eye & Ear Protection
Two of the most important pieces of gear to keep in your range bag. Always pack an extra set of eye and ear protection in case the other set becomes damaged or someone forgot to bring theirs.

Eye Protection
There are many types of eye protection to pick from. Please make sure your selection meets OSHA standards. This means it is actual eye protection made to be shatterproof. Don’t just wear your favorite sunglasses.

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Hearing Protection
You can choose from disposable ear plugs to passive earmuffs and even electronic noise canceling earmuffs. Your hearing is very important so ensure you are using at least one of the methods. Also it would be a good idea to carry some extra foam earplugs as a backup.

When Storing Firearms in Your Range Bag
Firearms should be stored safely and securely in the range bag.
Store firearms in a case, pouch or holster. I also suggest you store any loaded magazines in a separate compartment than your firearms.
Always practice the 4 firearm safety rules when adding or removing your firearms.

Keep Spare Magazines in Your Range Bag
Many people will pre-load their magazines before going to the range
so they spend less time loading and more time shooting. However magazines can break or fail in some way. So it’s a good idea to have a few extra packed in your range bag.

Always bring more ammunition than you think you’ll need. Better to have too much than not enough. Alway use ammo from a dependable manufacturer. There is practice and self defense ammo, I suggest you practice with both.

Keep a Good Speed Loader in Your Range Bag
A good speed loader will save the wear and tear on your thumbs while saving lots of time.

Pack a Shot Timer in Your Range Bag
This is not a necessity but it can enhance your training while at the range.

Always Keep Extra Targets in Your Range Bag
Make sure you have plenty of targets in case they get torn or you just shoot too many holes in them. You never want to run out of targets while at the range.

Pack Masking Tape or Target Stickers in Your Range Bag
If you are repeating drills on the same target you should cover the old holes to ensure you can track where you are shooting in each drill.

Keep a Staple Gun in Your Range Bag
Staple guns make life easier especially if you are at an outdoor range and need to make some improvised targets or stands.

Pack Masking Tape or Target Stickers in Your Range Bag
If you are repeating drills on the same target you should cover the old holes to ensure you can track where you are shooting in each drill.

Your Range Bag Needs a Notepad
Some people call them field notebooks, shooting journals or just notepads.
You should make it a habit of writing down your progress each time you go to the range. This is a great way to track your progress and determine areas you need to improve on.

Always Keep a Multi-tool in Your Range Bag
Multi-tools can be handy when things break or something needs an adjustment. It’s always smart to keep a multi-tool around.

Keep Gun Cleaning Supplies in Your Range Bag
Always keep gun cleaning supplies with you at the range. Your firearm may need a quick fix or repair to keep it safe and performing well. Keep oil, lube, and solvents as well as some cleaning rods in case you need to dislodge a squib load or remove a stuck casing. Always keep your firearms clean to ensure safe function and optimal performance.

Range Bags Need a Flashlight or a Tactical Flashlight
It’s good to keep a flashlight in your range bag even if you carry one everyday “EDC”. They can be very useful if you need to make repairs or adjustments to your firearm. Also many people use tactical flashlights in their training/drills. Also remember to keep some extra batteries on hand.

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Pack Gloves in Your Range Bag
Gloves are useful in the winter to keep your hands warm, but they are also used to handle a hot gun barrel as well. Also it is a good idea to train with gloves on. Never know you might be attacked in a snowstorm.

Keep Disposable Wipes or Washcloths in Your Range Bag
Lead and other metals particles are present when shooting, it’s a good idea to use disposable wipes or a clean washcloth to wash your exposed skin once you are finished shooting.

The Ultimate Range Bag Checklist

  • Range Bag
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • First aid/Trauma Kit
  • Firearms
  • Magazines
  • Ammunition
  • Speed Loader
  • Shot Timer
  • Targets
  • Masking Tape/Target Stickers
  • Staple Gun
  • Notepad
  • Multi-tool
  • Cleaning Supplies/Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Gloves
  • Disposable Wipes/Washcloth

Consider taking these extra items to the shooting range

  • Water/Snacks
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Chamber Flags
  • Hat
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Clothing to fit weather at the time, (including rain gear).
  • Camera
  • Folding chairs

Keep your range bag stocked with these items to make the most of your time at the shooting range. Be productive, safe and enjoy.