Code of Conduct

We try to run this site with Freedom of Speech in mind.

However, certain regulations must be adhered to, and their enforcement is at the discretion of the administrative staff. We reserve the right to ban anyone for anything, without warning.

Respect Other Posters
It’s all too easy for debates to get heated, but we won’t accept anybody getting out of control.
No threats of any kind allowed.
Keep the family of others out of your arguments.
No racial or religious comments.
If you want to just insult people go somewhere else.
It’s against the rules to advocate, directly or by example, for the violation of firearms-related laws.

This isn’t a church, a school, or your mother’s house, but we do expect our members to be courteous. Try to limit the usage of swearing, cuss words. If it gets out of hand, we’ll ask you to tone it down a little.

No private citizen is capable of “censoring” anyone. A site owner who rejects a member’s post is fully within their free-speech rights to shape their site however they see fit.

When a user is prevented from publishing, it’s known as censorship. It’s not self-publishing to publish on a public site that you don’t own.

It’s not self-publishing because it’s the same as submitting a letter to the editor of a newspaper. If a newspaper refuses to print your letter to the editor, it isn’t “censorship.” It is the right of the editor.

The individual who penned the letter can distribute it in various ways, including by starting a newspaper or site. This same principle is applied to online sites. A member is not “censored” online unless they are denied the ability to put up their own site, blog, forum, or whatever they want.

Everybody in the U.S. has the right to freedom of speech, but that right does not go to the extent of forcing a site owner to publish on their sites or servers.

On or Off-Topic
We aren’t going to enforce any stringent on/off-topic rules. We don’t mind if it goes off-topic as long as the thread is active and people get the information they want.

Pornographic or Extremely Graphic Material
We simply do not allow pornographic material, and extremely graphic material will be at the discretion of the administrative staff. Since we deal with a potentially violent subject matter, there will be a time and a place for graphic material.

It’s a good idea to make threads dealing with graphic material with “NSFW” (stands for Not Safe For Work) or “Graphic” in the title for the benefit of those that wish to not view such information.

This site is based in the United States. Posts and threads will be conducted in English.

Multiple Accounts (Alter-Egos)
Using alter egos and multiple accounts is generally discouraged. We’d want everyone to use a single account, if possible. On a case-by-case basis, exceptions will be considered.

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